Student Accounting and University Cashiering Services at the University of North Texas is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition, fees and third-party charges for UNT. We also issue UNT ID cards, administer payment plans, process refunds and issue short-term loans to eligible students.


Tax Form 1098-T Now Available:

Tax Form 1098T is now available in your student center. More information can be found at 1098T Tax Info. If you have any questions regarding specific amounts found on the form, please contact 1098T@untsystem.edu  

Athletic Fee Adjustment:

It recently came to the attention of the university that the Athletic Student fee was increased by one cent more than is allowable under state law without a vote of the student body. Students were charged $11 per semester credit hour instead of $10.99 per semester credit hour. The increase was charged in spring 2016, summer 2016 and fall 2016.

The university administration rectified the error and reversed the athletic fee to $10 per semester hour effective immediately.

Students (both undergraduate and graduate level) who paid the fee rate of $11 per semester credit hour (SCH) have received an account adjustment of $1 per SCH as applicable. For instance, an average full-time student would get a maximum of $15 per semester account adjustment.

If you have questions, please call 844-236-6854 or email Student.Accounting@unt.edu

Important Information Regarding Refunds:

Be aware that some types of financial aid can only be used to pay for certain types of charges. Therefore, you could receive a refund even if you have outstanding charges on your student account. You are responsible for paying the balance on your account, if one remains even after you receive a financial aid refund.