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Acceptable Forms of Payment for Tuition and Fees

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Payment Deadlines

 UNT is a state-supported institution and, as such, is subject to state laws. Since state law prohibits the extension of credit, all financial obligations to the university must be made when due.

Spring 2017 Payment Deadlines

Pre-Regular Registration January 5th
Regular Registration January 12th
Late Registration Due the day you register
First Installment (Payment Plan) February 3rd
Second Installment (Payment Plan) March 3rd
8 Week 2 March 17th
Final Installment (Payment Plan) April 3rd

Summer 2017 Payment Deadlines

3W1/8W1/SUM Registration May 12th
3W1/8W1/SUM Late Registration May 15th
5W1/8W2/10W Registration June 2nd
5W1/8W2/10W Late Registration June 5th
5W2 Registration July 7th
5W2 Late Registration July 10th

Fall 2017 Payment Deadlines

Pre-Regular Registration August 21st
Regular Registration August 24th
Late Registration September 6th
First Installment (Payment Plan) October 3rd
8 Week 2 October 20th
Second Installment (Payment Plan) November 3rd
Final Installment (Payment Plan) December 3rd