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The University of North Texas contracted with Higher One, a financial services company focused solely on higher education to bring a new refunding choice to our students. Students are always the first priority at the University of North Texas. This new refunding process is an improvement that disburses refunds to students faster, more secure and with more choices.

Important Information Regarding Refunds  
Be aware that some types of financial aid can only be used to pay for certain types of charges. Therefore, you could receive a refund even if you have outstanding charges on your student account. You are responsible for paying the balance on your account, if one remains even after you receive a financial aid refund.

Refund Options

Students can select 1 of 3 options to receive their refund:

  • "Easy Refund" a co-branded Higher One/MasterCard debit account for the card;
  • ACH, whereby the student may have the funds sent directly to their personal bank account, or
  • paper check which will be mailed to the student's designated mailing address on their myUNT account.

All options are free to the student. No student is obligated to select the UNT Debit card. The UNT Debit card is the key to accessing these refund options and we encourage students to log on to www.untdebitcard.com to activate their refund choice. We suggest that students retain the card as they may need it in the future if they choose to change their refunding preference.

Students will receive their UNT Debit Card in the mail.   

  1. When you receive your UNT Debit Card, log on to www.untdebitcard.com.
  2. Enter your 16-digit Debit Card number in the spaces provided.
  3. Select your refund option.


Students who choose the EasyRefund option to the OneAccount will receive their refund the same day that UNT releases the funds. The OneAccount is an FDIC insured checking account with no monthly fee that allows the UNT Debit card to be used as a Debit MasterCard anywhere that Debit MasterCard is accepted. The OneAccount is meant to be used for free. There is a link at www.untdebitcard.com with information explaining how to use the OneAccount for free.

ACH Deposit

Students who choose the ACH deposit will have their refund money directly deposited into an existing bank account of their choosing. Funds will be received in 2-3 business days. Students must still log in to the secure website at www.untdebitcard.com and enter the 16 digit number from the card. After logging into the site and activating the card, students will then be prompted to make a refund choice. Students will choose the second option listed, ACH transfer (to other bank). Students must print, sign and mail the ACH activation form to Higher One. To expedite this process these forms may be dropped in the communication box on the first floor of the Eagle Student Services Center, near the Higher One ATM. There are NO fees associated with setting your refund method preference as an ACH transfer to an existing bank account.

Paper Check

Students may choose to receive a paper check. Depending on mailing times checks will be received in 5-7 business days to your address on file with UNT. It is critical that your correct address is on file with UNT in order to receive your refund and any other important information from UNT.

ATM Locations

There are currently 4 ATMs located on the Denton campus. There is an ATM on the first floor of the Eagle Student Services Center near Student Accounting, in Maple Hall near the front desk, in the Pohl Recreation Center in the lounge area, and in the Willis Library's Cyber Cafe. There is also an ATM on the first floor of the Discovery Park campus and one at UNT Dallas. There is no transaction fee for using these Higher One ATMs.

How to get the UNT Debit Card

If you are a new student to UNT you do not need to do anything to receive the UNT Debit card. A card will automatically be sent to your address on file with UNT.  Please make sure your correct address is on file with the university.  It will take approximately 5-7 days after you enroll to receive a card in the mail.  Once you receive your card in the mail you can then activate a refunding preference.

If you are a continuing student at UNT and are expecting a refund, but you have not received your card please contact the Student Accounting Office at 940-565-3225 or email us at Student.Accounting@unt.edu. Please include your name, current address and student ID number for verification.

Additional Information

We encourage students or other interested individuals to visit www.untdebitcard.com or www.learnaboutone.com to learn more about this program and the many benefits to students. 

Please contact the UNT Student Accounting Office at 940-565-3225 or the Higher One customer service line at 1-866-782-0827 for any questions or concerns.