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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Plan Options for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the University of North Texas have the choice between two tuition plans: the Eagle Express Tuition Plan and the Traditional Tuition Plan.

The Eagle Express Tuition Plan lets a students lock in their total academic costs and save up to $4,000 when they graduate on time. Students must meet Texas residency requirements and be seeking a bachelor's degree to be eligible for this plan.

Students on the Traditional Plan will pay a 3.9 percent increase in tuition each year. Students who do not meet the Texas residency requirements will be automatically enrolled in the traditional tuition plan.

Please visit our Eagle Express Tuition Plan information page or the Eagle Express Tuition Plan website for more information. UNT Dallas Students with questions on the Eagle Express Tuition Plan may email UNTD.StudFinSvcs@unt.edu or call either 972-780-3658 or 972-780-3659.

Tuition Rates Effective Fall 2015-Summer 2016

  • Statutory Tuition for Texas Residents is $50.00 per credit hour.
  • Statutory Tuition for Oklahoma Residents is $100.00 per credit hour.
  • Statutory Tuition for Non-Residents (not residents of Texas or Oklahoma) is $440.00 per credit hour.
  • Board Designated Tuition for the Traditional Tuition Plan (Undergraduates only) is $202.95 per credit hour.
  • Board Designated Tuition for the Eagle Express Tuition Plan (Undergraduates only) is $223.01 per credit hour for freshman and transfer students who choose the plan during the Fall 2015 to Summer 2016 academic year. It remains $209.44 per credit hour for students who chose the Eagle Express Tuition Plan in the Fall 2014 to Summer 2015 academic year.
  • Board Designated Tuition for Graduate students is $177.79 per credit hour. Additionally, graduate students are also charged Board Authorized Tuition of $50.00 per credit hour and Board Designated Graduate Tuition of $25.00 per credit hour. Graduate students do not pay the Undergraduate Advising fee.
  • See UNT Dallas Tuition Rates.

Tuition and fee rates are published in pdf format. You can download a free pdf reader here.

The tuition column includes both Statutory Tuition and Board Designated Tuition.

Mandatory fees are assessed for university-related services available to students.

Certain mandatory fees are prorated in the summer sessions if students are enrolled in more than 1 session during the summer term.

Instructional fees vary by course and are not included in the total for the Traditional Tuition Plan. Instructional fees are a flat $195 per semester for the Eagle Express Tuition Plan.

The following fees are waived if students are only enrolled in courses at locations other than the Denton campus: Property Deposit, Medical Service Fee, Student Union Fee, Recreational Facility Fee, Transportation Fee, Environmental Services Fee and Intercollegiate Athletics Fee.

Additional fee information is listed on our Explanation of Fees page.

Information about additional tuition for excessive undergraduate hours and repeated courses can be found on our Excessive Hours and Repeat Course Fees page.

Tuition and fee information for students auditing classes can be found on our Auditing Classes page.

The information in this website is provided to better assist students and parents in assessing the cost of enrolling at the University of North Texas (UNT). While this information is intended to be comprehensive, tuition, fees, room and board are subject to increase or decrease without notice by action of the Texas Legislature and/or the UNT Board of Regents. Students are responsible for any additional amounts due UNT resulting from post audits and corrections, including all fees and waivers; i.e. registration assessing errors, changing from off-campus to on-campus classes, invalid employment waivers, etc.