Exemptions and Waivers for Veterans, Active Military and Dependents

Several exemptions and waivers are available to veterans, active military and dependents. Brief descriptions of these are listed below. Waivers must be requested during the term the student is registered in. Such requests must be made prior to the 12th class day in long semesters and the 4th class day in summer sessions. Requests for retroactive refunds cannot be honored. Additional information regarding military exemptions and waivers can be found on College for All Texans or by sending an email to hazlewood@unt.edu.

  1. Hazlewood Exemption* - Certain Texas veterans and dependents of deceased Texas veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States are exempt from payment of tuition. Hazlewood State application and other documents are required. This exemption pays all tuition and fees except for the Student Service Fee and Property Deposit. The student must pay the Student Service Fee each term. Additional information regarding the Hazlewood exemption can be found on Texas Veterans Commissions and in the following documents:

  2. Dependent of Texas Veteran Killed or Missing in Action Exemption* - Certain orphans of members of the Armed Forces, Texas National Guard and Texas Air National Guard are exempt from payment of tuition. Documentation is required. This exemption pays all tuition and fees.
  3. POW-MIA Dependent Exemption*- Children of U.S. prisoners of war or persons missing in action are granted exemption of tuition. Documentation is required. This exemption pays all tuition and fees.
  4. Military Waiver* - Resident rather than non-resident tuition is applied to U.S. military personnel, their spouses and dependents if they meet designated criteria. The certificate must be approved and submitted by the Registrar prior to registration. This waiver waives out-of-state tuition. The student pays in-state tuition rates.

* Students applying for this waiver/exemption must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. This waiver/exemption is subject to Senate Bill 1210 passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013. The relevant portion of the education code reads as follows: 

Sec. 54.2001. CONTINUED RECEIPT OF EXEMPTIONS OR WAIVERS CONDITIONAL. (a) Notwithstanding any other law but subject to Subsection (f), after initially qualifying under this subchapter for a mandatory or discretionary exemption or waiver from the payment of all or part of the tuition or other fees for enrollment during a semester or term at an institution of higher education, a person may continue to receive the exemption or waiver for a subsequent semester or term only if the person: 
(1) as a graduate or undergraduate student, maintains a grade point average that satisfies the institution's grade point average requirement for making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or certificate in accordance with the institution's policy regarding eligibility for financial aid;

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