UNT is offering new students a brand-new way to save and succeed at UNT.

Save and Soar

Choose the Save and Soar tuition plan and lock in your tuition rate. Finish your degree faster and focus on what’s next by taking advantage of exclusive tuition savings on summer and winter sessions.

For more information, see  Save and Soar.

Eagle Express Tuition

The total academic cost for tuition* has increased 3.9% between academic years 2014-2018 on the Traditional Plan. On the Eagle Express Tuition Plan, the tuition rate will be locked in for 4 years or graduation, whichever comes first. Course fees are locked in at $195 per semester, whereas they vary by course under the Traditional Tuition Plan.

Tuition and mandatory fees are assessed at an hourly rate up to 11.5 hours for undergraduate students. The tuition and mandatory fees rates for students enrolled full-time (12+ hours) are assessed at a flat-rate.

Flat Rate Tuition Graphic