• Go to myUNT and click on "Student Account" to view your tuition, fees, and any pending financial aid or scholarships for the upcoming semester. Check out the recent enhancements to the myUNT Student Account tile. 
  • Review your financial aid awards in the "Financial Aid & Scholarships" tile of myUNT. (Be sure to select the current aid year for current award information)
  • If you are a new student and a Texas resident, visit Save & Soar to see if our guaranteed tuition plan is right for you.
  • Check the Student Accounting Important Dates to remember.
  • Submit any documentation for waivers, exemptions, and third-party sponsors. (Firefighter, Adoption, Texas Promise, etc.)
  • Submit any documentation for Military benefits. (Post 9/11 GI Bill, Hazlewood, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, etc.)
  • Choose an option to secure your classes before the payment deadline.
    1. Anticipated aid exceeds the amount due in your myUNT student account. 
    2. Pay your balance in full.
    3. Set up a payment plan.
  • Confirm your refund preference in your myUNT student account.
  • Check your UNT email often. (Important communications regarding your student account are sent through your UNT email)
  • Schedule an appointment with Student Money Management for budgeting and financial coaching sessions.