To comply with Senate Bill 1304, passed by the 81st Texas Legislature, the University of North Texas is required to report to each student the amount of tuition paid by the student that must be set aside by law to provide financial assistance to qualified students. Students will receive an email notification during each semester notifying them of the exact amount of tuition set aside.


Is the amount of tuition set aside an additional charge on my bill?

Tuition set aside is not an additional charge, it is the amount of student's tuition that is being used to provide financial assistance to qualified students. According to Texas Education Code Sec. 56.014, UNT is required to notify students the exact amount of their tuition that is being set aside for financial assistance.

I received the email notice of Tuition Set Aside, do I need to take any action?

You do not need to take any action, the email notice is informational only.

Can a student have this money refunded to them?

No.  This money is required to be set aside into need based funding for qualifying students through UNT Financial Aid.

How do students receive this funding?

Students are considered for financial aid funding when they apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA, TASFA, etc.)