Handbook for University Departments

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving Revenue

How do we process payments/revenue in our office?

An official receipt must be issued to each student or other individual for any payment to the university. This receipt must be itemized or contain exact descriptions as to the payment and must contain the person's name from whom payment is received, dated and signed by the person receiving the payment. This receipt must have the "University of North Texas" printed on it.

All deposits by departments are to be made at the Cashier Area in Student Accounting within three (3) days of collection. See deposit information below for more information.

All checks received must be made payable to the University of North Texas and endorsed when received. Proper safeguards must be maintained at all times to assure protection for University funds.  Please refer to the UNT Policy Office for policies 10.006 and 10.017 for additional information or call the Cashier Area in Student Accounting.

Departmental Deposits

How do we process departmental deposits?

All deposits by departments are to be made at the Cashier Area in Student Accounting within three (3) days of collection. The deposit must have a Departmental Deposit Slip filled out completely with the required Chartfield Strings.

Please be sure to use the new deposit slip for the appropriate campus provided below:

The Cashier windows open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Departments are encouraged to make deposits before 3:30 p.m. each day. Only one window is open from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. each day and deposits are not processed during that time. Departmental personnel can drop off deposits without waiting for them to be processed by signing a deposit log.

During peak periods, such as registration and payment deadlines, an express window is available for departmental personnel to drop off deposits that do not need to be processed immediately without waiting in line. However, should a receipt be required, the depositor must wait in line for the next available cashier.

All reduction of expenditure/reimbursement deposits should be processed through Purchasing and Payment Services.

Petty cash deposits should be initiated with the Financial Report Office and travel reimbursements should be submitted to the Travel department of the BSC.

Taxable Items

Do we need to charge tax on items sold by our department?

If you sell products in Denton, you must charge the Denton sales tax rate, which is currently 8.25%. If you are selling products at a location outside of Denton, you must charge the rate of that city. For example, if your department holds a conference in Dallas and sells books and videos, you would charge the Dallas sales tax, which is also 8.25%.

If you ship merchandise outside of the State of Texas, you do not charge sales tax. However, you must keep documentation that indicates where you shipped the items.

When you are depositing the funds in SAUCS, you should include the sales tax rate that was charged on the Departmental Deposit Slip.

For additional information regarding tax issues, call the Cashier Area of Student Accounting or refer to:

Accepting Credit Cards for Payment

Can we accept credit cards for payment?

A written request must be submitted to UNT's Asset Control Director prior to accepting credit cards as a form of payment at UNT. Upon request, information can be forwarded to the department. The department must be set up as a credit card merchant in order to accept credit cards as payment. Refer to UNT Policy 10.035 for additional information.

Departmental Refunds

How do we process refunds to employees or students?

All departmental refunds for students are routed through Student Accounting. Refunds will be processed only upon written or email request. The refund request must include student or employee name, identification number, current mailing address, the account number from which the refund is to be made and the effective date of the transaction.

If the student or employee has an outstanding debt at the university, the refund will be applied to his/her account. Any balance remaining will be forwarded to the student or employee. Refer to UNT Policy 2.2.22 for additional information.

NOTE: Any refunds should be returned to the source of payment, therefore, credit card refunds should be returned to the credit card.

Training offered to Departments

How can I get training on these services?

Cash Handling training can be taken by enrolling in the Cash Handling Controls (UP16CH) course.  This course is available through the training enrollment area on my.unt.edu.

If you have further questions, please contact us at sfcashiering@unt.edu or call our office at 940-565-3220.